The vanilla team

Amie N´Dong

Amie is the CEO and Co-founder of Social Vanilla. Amie is passionate about creating social change with business and especially focused on changing our food systems for the better.  She has a background in International Social Work and a Master in African Studies. Amie is driven by social sustainability and is passionate about linking small-scale farmers to the international market as a catalyst for socioeconomic growth and change.  

Mikael Mortensen

Mikael is our CFO and co-founder of Social Vanilla. Mikael has worked in Uganda and sold both coffee and vanilla from Uganda for many years. His first encounter with Uganda and vanilla was 7 years ago when he and his sister started a sustainable coffee farm. Through his experience, Mikael has seen and experienced many of the problems in the Ugandan vanilla industry and will now use that experience to change it for the better.