Partnerships for change

The vanilla farmers

Our most important partnership is with the small-scale farmers. They work hard every day to produce vanilla of the highest quality. At Social Vanilla, we work to link these farmers' vanilla to the international market. To ensure the highest quality of vanilla and create a good business for the farmers, we offer them training and access to agricultural knowledge to improve their production.

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Forest of the World

We are incredibly proud of our collaboration with Forests of the World. Forest of the World is a Danish NGO with over 30 years of experience in environmental conservation work focusing on the world's forests and ensuring increased biodiversity. In Uganda, Forests of the World has a project where they are trying to regenerate a forest in a corridor where elephants once passed. Today, many of the local community clear the forest area because they need space for their cattle. To stop this deforestation, Forests of the World has introduced the locals to vanilla production as an alternative source of...

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