Welcome, Velkommen, Tukusanyukidde, and Karibu to Social Vanilla.

We will make responsible and traceable vanilla accessible to everyone. Join us on our journey to improve the vanilla industry, enhance the quality of vanilla, and create better conditions for vanilla farmers.

Social Vanilla combines environmentally responsible production of vanilla and fair trade with full transparency throughout the value chain. Through innovative digital solutions focusing on small-scale farmers and blockchain tools, we are dedicated to making fair and traceable gourmet-quality vanilla accessible to everyone.

  • High-quality responsible vanilla

    The world’s vanilla industry is characterized by great inequality, and those who cultivate vanilla struggle with theft and fraud from buyers. Therefore, the vanilla farmer often gets too small a share of the money you pay for the vanilla.

    Social Vanilla works to make a difference for the people who cultivate and work with vanilla. The farmers we buy vanilla from are guaranteed higher prices and support to optimize their agriculture with regenerative agroforestry.

    We pride ourselves on being transparent in our value chain, and through blockchain, we show you who we buy vanilla from - and how much we pay them.

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The big vanilla bundle

Every foodie’s dream

In the large vanilla package, we have taken all our best products down from the shelves. Here you will find a wide variety of vanilla products of the highest quality for kitchen adventures of all kinds